15ft MatchPro Ultralight Rod

Here is a great photograph of Terry ‘Theo’ Theobald  with his favourite trotting rod, the 15ft MatchPro Ultralight, working its magic as a River Stour chub is eased over the landing net.

















After three days of coloured water on the River Stour in Dorset, the conditions finally allowed Theo to be able to deploy his favourite chub tactic, trotting. After bumping the first fish of the day Theo managed to land this pristine chub of 6lb 6oz, using his trusty

Not long after bumping the first fish of the day Theo managed to land a pristine chub of 6lb 6oz, using his trusty 15ft MatchPro Ultralight rod, 4lb 4oz Float Fish line6.4g Loafer float and a size 18 Super Spade Hook-To-Nylon.

The 15ft (4.57m) MatchPro Ultralight is remark­ably well bal­anced for such a long rod and excep­tion­ally light at just 185g (6.5oz).  The all-important extra length provides much-improved line and float con­trol at dis­tance and also helps with deeper swims and float setups. This allows you to keep more line off the water, to con­trol a float better when trot­ting at long range and to pick up line more effect­ively on the strike.

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